Viral Food

Last week, I read a post on Harper’s Bazaar about which food was trending the year you were born (In case you wondered why I even opened that link, I guess I have made it clear after that sentence). I was obviously intrigued to know which food starred my birth year *drum roll* Truffles! I felt a closer bond to truffles after I read that bit. Truffles, you rocked 87 and so you will rock my 30th birthday this year. I started thinking how I want a truffle tower cake for my 30th because it makes total sense.

Anyways, truffle tower cake or not, I looked at the trends and the food items year after year until I reached 2016 which came to ‘Viral Food’. Moment of silence, eyes widen, pure excitement. I didn’t know that ‘this genre’ of food was called ‘Viral Food’ and it made total sense! I referred to it as Instagrammable food, but Viral feels and sounds perfect.

So 2016 brought with it Viral Food and this trend stretched itself to 2017 too. As more people snap photos and take videos, I don’t think this trend will ever dissolve. Yes there was this horrible period of deconstructed dessert and food (what were restaurants thinking??) oh and a deconstructed coffee (yeah right, how did that work for you?), some trends do fade away.

Working in the F&B business and living in Dubai, there are a few viral ingredients / foods that have been trending the last couple of years. And you gotta play the game and take part in the Viral Food world and introduce an item or 2 in the menu to highlight some trends, so there’s my list of trending ingredients:

Lotus Everything..Lotus cheesecake, Lotus french toast, Lotus pancakes, Lotus coffee, Lotus Knafeh, Lotus ice cream, Lotus on Lotus..Lotus came out stronger than Nutella (not killing Nutella, because Nutella is boss), but Lotus came out with all its sweetness and indulgence and spread itself nicely on every other dessert and belonged like no other. So that magical biscoff spread had no problems belonging in this world of ours.

Truffle for life..But have your tried truffle fries? What about pasta with truffle oil? Pizza? Risotto? Truffle on every other dish? It’s that bit of heaven drizzled onto your dish. Can I drizzle truffle on my life? Possible? Oh well. Every other restaurant in Dubai managed to squeeze in a truffle drizzle, because why not?

And we’ve got the trends that are picking up:

Major shake action..Shakes that are as big as Burj Khalifa (not literally, but metaphorically speaking they’re quite huge). They are awesome! They look untouchable and pretty the way they are. The build up is quite creative, ranging from candy, donuts, lollies, cotton candy, sprinkles, mini sliders (yes, I saw one). They just keep getting more creative. I suggest sharing but that’s after you snap the hell out of it and get all your money’s worth of pictures and videos because it’s a fun and engaging dessert really.

All big everything. People love the challenge I guess. They enjoy seeing a massive dish coming their way, challenging their tummies, getting their money’s worth. So we see huge burgers, big pizzas, jumbo lobsters and so on.


Happy days! Viral Food, I have my eyes on you.

Dee xx

*Pictures are all taken by yours sincerely. Using my lovely S7 camera :p

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