Smartly Yours

I think it’s amazing to wake up and not worry about putting on a suit or some sort of – very formal wear – to go to the office, forever grateful for my choice of career. Having said that, over the period of 9 years, my sense of dress changed. A few things account for this change: style evolvement, personal taste and change of roles.

I read an article somewhere – can’t remember if  it was online or in a magazine (Note to self: I need to start documenting these articles and things i read and see since i’m blogging about them!), about this woman who got promoted to a higher managerial level and started wearing clothes differently; smarter wear and applying makeup more frequently than she used to. I found that piece very interesting, whether you like it or not, somewhere inside you, you care about how people perceive you. And that’s not in a judgmental tone or anything, but the fact that ‘you’ve put some effort’, it pays off. Some people might say that this is refraining from the ‘actual work’ and we’re focusing on physical appeal, but tell me something, what’s wrong with looking your best? You’ll definitely feel your best too. I dress up for myself, I want to look good for myself.

There’s this very well known female artist that decided to take a stand against makeup and decided that she will no longer wear makeup. She would go on TV on this very popular program with no make up on her face. Courageous? Sure. But she definitely looked like she could use some sort of eyeliner and mascara. She’s being filmed and camera lights do dampen the face and make you look pale. What’s wrong with some natural applied makeup? Is it bad that I’ll feel good about myself with some eyeliner, mascara and blush?

So smartly yours, I want to be perceived as a smart woman, smartly dressed and looking. I have a team that I work with, I meet various people during the week and there’s nothing better than looking good, major confidence boost. I appreciate all women that dress and look smart, actually not just women, men too. We all need to look good.

Look your best everyday.

P.s. I do wear jeans to work frequently.

Dee xx

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  1. Nour says:

    I go to work with a bare face, and I do enjoy make up every now and then. It’s mostly because I can’t be bothered to wake up earlier to put makeup on. And being the only girl with 2 older brothers, makeup was never an interest and it definetly not my forte. As for dress, I really believe in ‘dress how you want to be addressee’


    1. thewomager says:

      I agree with you! To clear my ‘makeup’ point, i didn’t mean a full contoured face obviously, a 5 minute routine of blush eyeliner and mascara 🙂


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