Galaxy Feels

It’s been forever since I posted! And every weekend I feel bad for skipping. I actually enjoy doing the small posts (relatively speaking with regards to small) but it’s been very busy the last few months. The last 4 months of the year are Other than lots of work and the market picking up in Dubai, weather becomes heavenly, I also celebrate my birthday (November for those interested) and we end it with a very festive December. I hope you understand why I haven’t been posting.

To resume my posting abilities, I couldn’t help but share with you all the love I have for the last 2 campaigns of Galaxy – chocolate. Faith restored in some campaigns ❤

Galaxy chocolate is known for targeting women with its creamy indulging chocolates. But making sure they speak to women is the true ability to bringing the campaign to life. Making the campaign relatable to their target market is what hits the sweet spot and the last 2 campaigns were just awe (in my opinion obviously).

‘I have a dream’ big words that Galaxy chose to borrow – to name their very well put together ad targeting every day thoughts a woman has, venturing into a woman’s head, women of this era. The visuals, art direction, women in the ad and the content along with the voice they chose all bring it to life and it’s beautiful.

A few days ago, a new ad came to life, representing the different flavors Galaxy has presented to the market. Delicious ad again. I do enjoy the Arabic VO more than the English one, I feel it does give extra breadth to the ad’s ambiance and feel.

But then again, ‘What’s stopping you?’ follows the steps of ‘I have a dream’ where a woman speaks about herself, her feelings, her ability to change and do what she wants. Loving the women empowerment vibes i’m getting from Galaxy. Obviously as a chocolate it’s not going to empower you when you eat it, but it’s the communication itself that reaches beyond the actual chocolate.

To the rebellious woman inside all of us (I don’t know about you my male readers).

That’s all for now folks! I shall return very soon.


English ‘I have a dream’ below.

Dee xx

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