Marching March

A late entry guys, but this month has been so very busy!

On the 8th of March, we celebrated women’s day. Because I’m all about women empowerment, I definitely celebrated and tried to inspire women around me. A few years ago at an office I worked at I was surrounded by 2 women, one that I met only once but worked with every day although we were miles apart, and another that was sat in the office right next to me. I learned so much from the woman who was miles away while the other woman was a nightmare to work and deal with.

Why choose to make someone’s life miserable? Why try to put another woman down?

From that day on wards, I’ve celebrated this day to the fullest. I surround myself by amazing women (whether friends, colleagues or family), I work hard and I acknowledge hard working women, I try and teach those around me and take in their thoughts and ideas.

I’ve worked and am working with great women, ones that shaped my current career. And as they did, I only hope that i’ll be able to do the same to a lot of other women.

To staying strong and focused. To believing in yourself. To backing each other up and building each other.

Today happens to be Mother’s Day in the Middle East. Another beautiful occasion that we all grew up cherishing. I’ve wished my mom and grandma a happy one of course (hoping they receive their gifts today).

Working for 9 years now and being 30, I have total respect to working moms and I feel that they don’t get enough appreciation. I want to be appreciated when I become a working mom and so I will make it my mission to recognize them whenever possible. I have heard and read stories of working moms that were neglected at work or refused promotions because ‘they have other things to attend to’. This woman is working 3 times as hard to ensure she stars at her job, works as hard at home, raise amazing kids and maintain a social life. Touche working mama!

To March, the month to celebrate all women (yes we celebrate women all year but March is extra special).

Dee xx

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